Job description

The main subject of research is to experimentally explore the manipulation of chiral magnetic textures for use in photonic integration, as probed by using in-situ scanning electron microscopy with polarization analysis (SEMPA) in a state-of-the-art fabrication and characterisation system. The aim is to integrate optically tuneable chiral magnetic textures on photonic waveguides within the larger NOW Gravitation research project on Integrated NanoPhotonics of the Applied Physics and Electronic Engineering departments at the Eindhoven University of Technology.


The fascinating possibility to combine on-chip photonics and chiral magnetic textures may have a huge impact on the realization of future data, memory and logic architectures. The recent demonstrations of highy efficient current induced chiral domain wall motion in ferrimagnetic structures and the all-optical-switching of magnetic domains bring this prospect one step further to reality. In the Zwaartekracht project on Integrated Nanophotonics at the TU/e and the Integrated Photonics Institute (IPI) we are exploring this multi-disciplinary approach which could add a revolutionary functionality to photonic circuits whilst breaking ground in the fundamentals of magnetic textures of ultrathin engineered magnetic systems.

Job requirements

For this function we are looking for a talented and highly motivated experimental physics candidate with extensive experimental expertise to understand and tune magnetic interactions for efficient chiral domain wall motion and creativity to explore the integration of these structures into photonic integrated circuits. The candidate should hold a recently (<1 year) obtained Master of Science when staring the position or equivalent degree in experimental physics. Experience in the field of nanomagnetism/spintronics and/or device-oriented condensed matter physics is mandatory, experience in photonics is secondary. Candidates must prove a strong attitude towards experimental physics and the drive and capacity to tackle different aspects of a complex problem with large independence. The position is for four years and is embedded in a larger research cluster with other partners.

Conditions of employment

We offer

  • a challenging job in a dynamic and ambitious university and a stimulating internationally renowned research environment;
  • full-time temporary appointment for 4 years;
  • gross salary between € 2.222,00 per month (first year) and € 2.801,00 per month (last year);
  • Additionally, 8% holiday and 8.3% end-of-year annual supplements;
  • an extensive package of fringe benefits (e.g. excellent technical infrastructure, the possibility of child care and excellent sports facilities).