Job Mission
Within ASML, the sector Development & Engineering (D&E) is responsible for the specification and the design of the ASML lithography systems. The department Mechanical Architecture (MA) is designing, building and analyzing mechanical systems and sub-systems which are fitted into the end products. The group Mechanical Analysis is responsible for supporting the mechanical analysis (CAE, testing, data analysis etc.) of critical modules.

As ASML grows and the complexity of our machines grows with it, so does the importance of learning from and closing the feedback loop from design to field performance data. We are looking for a lead analyst to support the Architect with designing, visualizing and analyzing the Spotfire* reports in order to generate understanding and optimizing several performance aspects of the Wafer Clamps. The Wafer Clamps are crucial to make lithography happen against the ever demanding specs on overlay, focus, and throughput while ensuring high availability.

*Spotfire is the tooling chosen by ASML to visualize our data.

Job Description
You are part of a team of Mechanical analysts working on developing, analyzing, qualifying and improving the EUV Wafer Clamp and its interactions with the wafers to meet the system specifications and operational requirements.

  • You will take ownership for the Wafer Clamp’s performance visualization and your main responsibilities are to:
  • Talk to domain experts and broaden your knowledge of the module.
  • Write requirements on the performance visualizations in Spotfire and discuss them within the team. Prior experience with Spotfire is not required.
  • Get the data (input from our database, shared drives etc. ), structure it and analyze it.
  • Establish contacts with all key users of Spotfire within the project and set up, organize and maintain a meeting with all of them.
  • Document your work.

Technical University, masters or PhD with specialization in Mechanical engineering, Precision-, Micro-, Nano- engineering; Mechanics of materials; Biomechanics; Physics or Mathematics (the latter two with mechanical background too).


  • Solid theoretical and experimental experience in the field of mechanical engineering with good scripting/programming skills (MATLAB, C …).
  • Experience in Statistics and data quality is highly preferred

Personal skills

  • Strong analytical ability with a pragmatic attitude
  • Affinity with exploring and solving technical challenges
  • Able and willing to build a network and maintain it
  • Able and willing to deal with large amount of information and organize it
  • Able and willing to deal with project requirement changes and deal with abstraction
  • Proactive and social with good communication skills.
  • Proficient in the English language (both in speaking and writing).

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