Job Mission

Executes daily operations within Lean Fab Operatons (LFO), and drives the change by implementation of the Lean transformation roadmap. Takes the lead, together with a team of operators to continuously improve operations in the most efficient way. Key performance indicators: Safety, Quality, Delivery performance, Customer satisfaction, Cost effectiveness, Inventory and People engagement.

Job Description:

  • Responsible for day to day progress and output driven by giving input in daily management on the shopfloor with all relevant stakeholders
  • Secure daily LFO execution, by being pro-actively involved in the process
  • Apply own skills and qualifications effectively to build the product according to customer needs, on time, with the right quality and according to recent standards
  • Commit to the standards and continuously improve the standards by initiating improvements (kaizens) and eliminating waste from the process where possible
  • Supports good teamwork by searching for solutions and ideas by working together with colleagues, involving them in day to day activities and sharing knowledge to improve
  • Continuous Team and People development
  • Assure effective and efficient collaboration with other LFO departments
  • Learn from mistakes by sharing them with the team and come up with a solution in order to prevent them from happening

ASML is a successful Dutch high-tech enterprise that produces complex lithography systems used by chip manufacturers in the production of integrated circuits. ASML is at the cutting edge of this technology and delivers systems to all the world’s leading chip manufacturers. ASML’s employees are among the most creative talents in the fields of physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechanical engineering and software. Every day they collaborate in close-knit multidisciplinary teams in which members listen to and learn from one another and exchange ideas. It is the ideal environment for professional development and personal growth.

ASML is headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.


MBO 3/4 degree in a technical field (e.g. aerospace, optics, mechatronics).


  • Experience working in (high tech) Production environment
  • Good understanding of ASML DUV production processes
  • Thorough knowledge of ASML DUV (sub)systems
  • Languages: Dutch and English

Personal skills:

  • Knowledge of the work – the way the process is executed, the materials, products, services, equipment involved etc.
  • Knowledge of responsibilities – understands the activities executed within and between departments and their interactions, who is customer, who is supplier, agreements, schedules, rules.
  • Skill in improvement – knows how to see waste and to resolve it by improving on quality, productivity etc.
  • Good communication skills, speaks up, raises issues
  • Result oriented and focused on people and team
  • Takes responsibility for own work and that of others
  • Is self-reliant in addressing and solving problems by taking ownership
  • Listens to others and is willing to help
  • Has positive attitude, motivated and respect for colleagues